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Clarendon Cycle Scheme

Clarendon school has been running a bicycle maintenance scheme since September 2010. This initiative was conceived when a young man who was heading towards being excluded from the education system. The scheme was designed to give students, like him, the opportunity to learn how to maintain and service bikes, learning on our fleet of school bicycles, whilst being accredited with AQA Unit Awards in Cycle Mechanics.

The original vision has evolved into wanting to create a ‘hub’ of cycle initiatives to serve the local community, with a focus on aspects which promote and provide opportunities for young people with special educational needs in a positive way.

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Clarendon Cycle Scheme Prospectus 2014

The ‘hub’ of cycle initiatives includes:

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Bespoke Be Heard

Whilst exploring the ‘hub’ of cycling provisions, we have firmly established cycle mechanics training as an integral part of Clarendon Cycle Scheme, resulting in the creation of ‘Bespoke Be Heard’, our Sustainable Enterprise, which we are registering under the Richmond Business awards.

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Capital to Coast

Clarendon Cycle Scheme supports several charities through sponsored cycle rides, including the Capital to Coast and the Hospice to Hospice. The Capital to Coast is now a planned annual 60 mile cycle ride for staff and students at Clarendon school, and for which we welcome support.


Hospice to Hospice

Staff participated in the inaugural Hospice to Hospice in 2012 in support of The Shooting Star Hospice in Hampton Hill. Since 2010 donations in excess of £5000 have been made to our selected charities, a direct result of fundraising and efforts through Clarendon Cycle Scheme.

African Revival

African Revival

The cycle scheme has linked with a local charity called African Revival. Through this link we aim to maintain our association with Lubombo School in Zambia, providing them with knowledge and skills to maintain their own bicycles. Importantly this is a two-way relationship between the schools with opportunities for staff and students eventually, to take part in reciprocal visits.




A further international link has been established with Balbriggan Educate Together National School in Ireland.  We flew two of our students there to teach year 6 students how to build a bike from the box, and do a safety ‘M’ check. Subsequently staff from Balbriggan and Clarendon did a cycle ride from Richmond, in England, to Dublin, in Ireland, in order to raise awareness of the scheme and foster the relationship between our schools.

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