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Introducing the Governors

The Clarendon Governing Body is a group of volunteers who believe in the school’s vision and mission statement and give up their time to work with the headteacher and staff to meet those aims and to ensure excellent provision for our pupils and the wider school community. There are 11 of us altogether with representatives from parents; from the local authority; from teaching staff; from the support assistants as well as from the wider local community (see our pen portraits below).  We aim to recruit governors with a wide range of skills and experience to support the work of the governing body.

It is the headship team and senior leadership team who are the people actually responsible for the day to day to running of the school. Our job, working as a group and together with senior staff, is to set the strategy for the school.  We then ensure that all the plans and policies are in place so that Clarendon really is a place of learning for everyone and continues to improve in providing the very best for our pupils.  We are also there to act as a ‘critical friend’ to Mr Kipps and his team both by supporting them in all they do and by asking questions and challenging them to keep improving.

We hear about how the school is working and how pupils are progressing in both full meetings and specialist committees that look at ‘Pay and Personnel’; Pupil Achievement and Curriculum’; Pupil’s Pastoral Wellbeing’; ‘Finance’ and also ‘Premises and Health and Safety’.  We also visit the school as regularly as possible on both ordinary days and for special events so that we know it really well.  Many of us have a special responsibility for some area of school life to find out about and report back to everyone else.

Recently we have formed a multi academy trust with Strathmore our sister Richmond special school to share and build further on the skills and experience across the two schools. Clarendon and Strathmore will both continue with their distinctive specialisms, ethos and communities with a significant amount of independence. However, we believe that there is work we can do together that can improve even further the provision for our own pupils, opportunities for our staff and to support the wider, growing population of young people with SEND and their families.

To find out more about either Clarendon Governors and their work or the Auriga Academy Trust and the new governance structure do follow the links above. Alternatively, to contact the governors directly the chair Maurice Press can be reached by e mail (maurice@disabilityresourceteam.com ) or via the school office.


Pen Portraits


Mrs Kayleigh Lee

I officially joined Clarendon in 2011 after spending a year as TA at Clarendon through an agency. After the year I was offered a permanent role at Clarendon which of course I accepted. Before Clarendon I was a full time gymnastics coach specialising in preschool, acrobatic and disability gymnastics, I still do this as my…

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Mr Primesh Kalia

In my career I am qualified as a Chartered Engineer, Building Services Consultant. I have a BSc honours degree from Manchester University and started as a mechanical services design engineer in the private sector. The majority of my work has been with local authorities; Hammersmith & Fulham, Hounslow and Islington Councils as the Head of…

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Mr Keith Tysoe

I have worked in education for over 30 years both in mainstream and special schools. Currently I work as an adviser for an education service covering three inner London boroughs. I work with a range of primary and secondary schools on all aspects of school improvement. In my work I have particular responsibility for the…

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Mr Mike Pattrick

For many years I worked in the Civil Service. I did several jobs including visiting people in their own homes in inner city London. After a spell of working in welfare benefits work I left London and took a job as an auditor travelling the country. It was a great way to see parts of the…

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Dr Jo Dixon

I have been a governor at Clarendon since 2000 after having my arm twisted while my daughter was at the school! It is undeniably difficult having a child with learning difficulties but over the years I have seen the difference it makes when others take the time to get to really know them and are…

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Mr Maurice Press

I was honoured to be appointed as a Co-opted governor of Clarendon school in October 2013.  Previous to this I held the positions of Vice Chair and Chair of governors of another school for some 14 years. Having a disability myself  – being totally  Blind,  I am very aware of the challenges children with varying…

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Mr John Kipps

I trained as a Primary teacher and have worked in Richmond since 1989. Since joining Clarendon in 1993 I have co-ordinated a number of subjects (Art, Drama, Music, Science, Design and Technology) and held a variety of roles (classteacher, KS3 team leader and Deputy Head) before becoming Headteacher in 2006. Since then the school has…

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Mrs Helen Bridge

I have lived in Teddington since 1993.  I am a Mum to 2 children and am actively involved in their schools as a parent volunteer.  In my spare time I enjoy walking my dog, running, skiing and going to the theatre.  As Clerk to the Clarendon governing body, my role is to provide effective administrative…

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Ms Yvonne Coney

Early in 2008 I decided to change my life and moved from Australia to experience life in the United Kingdom. I had worked in Sydney in numerous primary schools where I demonstrated lessons for beginning teachers and at a two teacher independent school where I taught a composite class of 5 to 9 year olds. …

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Mr Bob Harvey

Way back in 1968 I discovered how little consideration was given to access to places and services for people with disabilities. When I was asked to become a governor at either Carlisle or Clarendon my decision was obvious, it had to be Clarendon. Special schools are a place where assumptions should be challenged to the…

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Ms Gaelle Newland

I am a full time carer for my three boys Pierre ( Strathmore School), Joshua ( Clarendon School) and Tristan (Frewen College).    I have been married to Paul since 1997. I am an accountant by trade but have not practiced since the boys were born. Having three boys with disabilities I now teach signing (Paget…

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