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Staff, Governors & Jobs

Headship Team

Mr Kipps Headteacher copy

Mr John Kipps

Headteacher (Clarendon)
Chief Executive Officer,
the Auriga Academy Turst

Ms Lynn Majakas

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Field KS4 Team Leader copy

Mrs Angela Field

Primary Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Clarke Assistant Headteacher copy

Mrs Rosemary Clarke

Secondary Deputy Headteacher


Mrs Harrowell

Assistant Headteacher, Primary

Michael Sinanan

Mr Michael Sinanan

Assistant Headteacher, Secondary


Key Stage Team Leaders




Ms Aebischer

Mrs Reece


Mr Quartermain and Mr Hodgson

Mrs Adams


Miss O’Neill

Manager of Additional Needs

Mrs Marsh


Ms Coney

Mrs Baker

Mrs Baker

Mrs Woodhouse KS3 Team Leader

Mrs Woodhouse

Miss Meadows

Miss Meadows

Mr Collins

Mr Collins

Miss Fish


Mrs Davies

Mrs Wells


Ms Ihezie

Mrs Peters

Mrs Tuffin

Mrs Tuffin


Teaching Assistants

Miss Clarke

Miss Clarke

Miss Sebia

Miss Rashid

Mr Boylan

Mr Boylan

Mrs L Hunt

Mrs L Hunt

Mrs Rogerson

Mrs Rogerson

Ms Bokova

Ms Bokova


Miss Blake-Pink

Mr Chambers


Miss Price

PE Tutor(Secondary)


Care and Pastoral Support

Claire and Michele Family Support Workers ppl

Claire and Lauren Family Support Workers

Mr Balcombe

Cycle Scheme


Mrs Barnett-Salter

Health and Wellbeing Officer, Primary

Speech and Language Team


Youth Club

Miss Mattison

Health and Wellbeing Officer, Secondary


Admin Support

Laura Nicholls Assistant Caretaker

Miss Nicholls Assistant Caretaker

Mr Monk School Caretaker

Mr Monk School Caretaker

Office Team

Office Team