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Enquiries and Placements

The Local Authority’s Special Needs panel, taking into account a child’s statement of special educational needs, the Code of Practice, parental preference and the views of the Headteacher and governors, make decisions regarding the placement of pupils to Clarendon.

Pupils due to begin in September will be invited to attend an afternoon in school in June to meet their new classmates and teachers. There are usually between 9 and 13 pupils in each class, though we also have a specialist class for six pupils with more complex needs and that require a higher staff ratio.

I warmly encourage you to visit us, with your child, to see what we have to offer and to speak with me, my colleagues and especially the pupils at Clarendon.

Mr John Kipps

Primary Open Days

20th September, 18th October, 29th November 2018

31st January, 2nd May 2019

from 9.30 to 12pm



Call us on
020 8941 2623


Secondary Open Days:

19th September, 15th October, 26th November 2018

29th January, 29th April 2019

from 9.30 to 12pm



Call us on
020 8979 1165

School Brochure
I do hope that you will read the prospectus and visit us. It is important that you feel right about the school you choose for your child and this is a very important and personal decision. We respect that but we are sure that when you get to know us you will want your child to be part of our safe, stimulating, caring and exciting world.

Why I chose Clarendon

I visited a total of 4 schools for my son Michael. On my visit to Clarendon, I knew straight away this was the school for him. The school offered such a broad and personalised curriculum and high level of specialist care and support, and the staff were all so friendly and helpful, and the children so happy.
Since starting at Clarendon, Michael has shown great progress in terms of confidence, independence and his behaviour.   – a quote from our recent parent and carer evening and survey